About Den Doelder

Den Doelder Recruitment

Den Doelder is a recruitment and employment office with high standards. The company is well established in Zeeland and harbor areas in the Netherlands. We have a diversity of staff and services for your company. Den Doelder works independent and has therefore no limits in flexibility.


Den Doelder offers a thorough recruitment and selection procedure. We handle the recruitment and the subsequent selection process. Candidates receive a professional intake. The needs of the customer, your company, is thoroughly briefed with the candidates and our consultants. After the employee starts in his/her new job, Den Doelder remains the contact for al parties. If necessary Den Doelder provides career management or training.

Flex Pool & Planning

The Den Doelder employees can draw on years of experience in organizing and setting up flex projects. The commitment and inspiration of personnel while maintaining a maximum of flexibility requires a professional and honest approach.

HRM services

Den Doelder offers appropriate and efficient solutions to the needs of the customer. Such as development and/or re-evaluation of working conditions, social advice legislation etc.

Quality Assurance

Quality is secured by project managers on the assigned projects. These secure the planning, good employment, proper administrative processing, substantial documentation, follow up of Health and Safety legislation and all possible aspects of staffing.